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Kaijis volumetric condensing hot water boiler


High Efficiency, Low Emissions, Ultra-quiet
◆ Fully premixed combustion with 20~100% frequency conversion adjustment
◆ Fully condensing structure, thermal efficiency up to 110%
◆ Ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, NOx≤30mg/m³
◆ Operating noise ≤40dB(A)
300L ultra-large water capacity, multiple units combined, high-pressure water supply, no registration or annual inspection required.
◆ Stainless steel heat exchanger, storage tank capacity up to 300L. Continuous hot water supply capacity: 2128L/H.
◆ 1.6MPa water supply pressure capacity, ensuring easy supply of hot water to high-rise buildings.
◆ Can be combined with 2-64 units, intelligent control for combined operation.
◆ 99kw power output, no registration or annual inspection required.
Aluminum alloy heat exchanger
◆ 6mm thick silicon aluminum alloy heat exchanger material
◆ Super heat transfer, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no stress damage, long service life
Compact, unique and innovative appearance design
◆Black polycarbonate front panel with embedded touch controller
◆Silicon-aluminum heat exchanger, circulation pump, expansion tank, stainless steel volume heat exchanger coil and embedded intelligent controller perfectly matched
◆Avant-garde design, novel appearance, intelligent integration and leading technology
Capacitive touch screen intelligent centralized control
◆ Capacitive touch screen for intelligent user experience
◆ Fully compatible with building automation system
◆ Accurate supply, record, and information query function for domestic hot water
◆ Automatic sterilization, cleaning protection, and intelligent water supply according to time periods and demands.
Application Scope
◆ Supply of domestic hot water for schools, government agencies, factories, mines, and the military
◆ Provision of service hot water for airports, train stations, ports, and hospitals
◆ Supply of commercial hot water for hotels, swimming pools, and bath centers



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