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Worry-free series volume condensing boiler

KAZIS VOLUME is originated from Europe with guaranteed quality. The commercial volume type hot water boiler series is suitable for hot water supply projects in hotels, hospitals, schools and other places.
Six major advantages
High efficiency and energy saving
The furnace body is made of silicon-aluminum alloy, and the rib-columnar heat-conducting cone drip (bead-like) condensing structure increases the heat transfer area, effectively reduces the flue gas temperature, improves the heat transfer efficiency and the condensation efficiency of water vapor in the flue gas, and maximizes the heat transferred to the boiler water, achieving a boiler efficiency of up to 108.9%.
Large Water Volume
The storage tank has a capacity of 300L/600L/1000L/2000L/3000L, with a stainless steel heat exchanger and a water supply pressure capacity of 1.0MPa (can be customized according to requirements), to meet the hot water demand of different working conditions.
Low nitrogen environmental protection
The stainless steel burner is wrapped with metal fiber, which ensures a more uniform distribution of heat. The high-efficiency premix technology optimizes the gas-to-air ratio, promoting complete combustion and significantly reducing harmful gas emissions. The boiler has ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, with NOX levels below 30mg/Nm3, and operates at a noise level below 45 decibels.
Intelligent control and modular combination
The boiler can be combined in modules with 1 to 16 units, and can be intelligently controlled in combination. The number of units in operation can be adjusted according to the demand, fully compatible with the building automatic control management system, providing accurate hot water supply for daily life, recording and information query functions, automatic sterilization, cleaning protection, and intelligent water supply according to time period and demand.
Compact structure and small footprint
The combination of furnace body, circulating pump, expansion tank, volume-type heat exchanger, and intelligent controller is perfectly integrated, with a compact structure and small footprint.
Wide applicability
The combination of furnace body, circulating pump, expansion tank, volume-type heat exchanger, and intelligent controller is perfectly compact, taking up minimal space.


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