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Italy Confort Bono steam boiler

Origin: Italy
Structure: Vertical and Horizontal
Fuel: Natural gas, Heavy oil, Diesel
Combustion mode: Forced draft combustion
Thermal efficiency: 92%
Product category: Steam boiler
Working pressure: 10.0 bar for steam boiler
Application industries: Food and Beverage, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper.



1Product Overview:
The UM series flash coil steam boiler with forced circulation function ensures steam production ranging from 300 to 6000KG/H, with a design pressure of up to 12-120bar (customizable). Steam can be produced in 2-3 minutes and reach temperatures up to 300℃.

The models of UM series steam boilers are as follows:
UM 30: rated steam output of 300kg/h
UM 50: rated steam output of 500kg/h
UM 100: rated steam output of 1000kg/h
UM 150: rated steam output of 1500kg/h
UM 200: rated steam output of 2000kg/h
UM 300: rated steam output of 3000kg/h
UM 400: rated steam output of 4000kg/h
UM 500: rated steam output of 5000kg/h
UM 600: rated steam output of 6000kg/h

2.The UM coil steam boilers are used in the washing industry, textile industry, food and beverage industry, rubber industry, fiber industry, agricultural technology industry, wood processing industry, and other fields.
3.The UM series boilers are supplied as a complete package and can be directly connected to other equipment on site. An air preheater can be additionally purchased to increase the boiler's thermal efficiency by 2%, reaching over 98% at full load (with a condenser).
4.The UM steam boiler reaches operational status 2-3 minutes after the combustion system is ignited.
5.The UM steam boilers come in both vertical and horizontal models. They have superior quality and performance, and their compact design allows them to be used in small spaces.


UM steam boiler schematic diagram


2Competitive advantages:
● Two types: vertical and horizontal
● High thermal efficiency and high reliability
● Simple and easy maintenance: the combustion chamber and internal components can be inspected and cleaned by removing the removable top cover
● Quickly reach the operating state: with low thermal inertia, the UM steam boiler can reach the operating state 2-3 minutes after the ignition of the combustion machine, and produce steam. It has high efficiency during intermittent operation.
● Very reliable water supply: the flow path of the water supply pump is made of aramid fiber (synthetic fiber), which can reliably and effectively supply water.
● Easy operation and reliable automatic combustion regulation function with the following types of regulation:
◇ Switching regulation: the natural gas supply, air supply, and water supply can be regulated by switching. The liquid fuel can be supplied to the combustion machine through a switchable solenoid valve.
◇ Two-stage regulation: (1st stage-minimum 50%, 2nd stage-100%) by adjusting the gas-to-air ratio in the combustion chamber, using the two-way valve of the fuel, air, and water pipelines combined with the water supply and air supply switch system to adjust the water supply. The liquid fuel can be supplied to the combustion machine through a switchable valve.
◇ Proportional regulation: the steam output can be adjusted within the range of 30%-100% through the electric control device and control valve for gas supply and fuel supply. The water supply can be adjusted by the piston pump with a frequency converter. The liquid fuel can be supplied to the combustion machine through a switchable solenoid valve, and the fuel pressure can be adjusted by a bypass valve.
● Safety: with a limited amount of retained water, UM steam boilers have higher safety than traditional steam boilers.

3Technical Parameters of UM Steam Boilers.




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