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Kangdan Sen fully premixed high-efficiency condensing boiler

Kangdan Sen fully premixed high-efficiency condensing boiler



1Features of KangdanSen Full Premixed High-Efficiency Condensing Boiler
●Silicon-aluminum alloy heat exchanger, with stronger corrosion resistance
●Stainless steel burner wrapped with metal fibers for more even heat distribution
●High-efficiency premixing technology for optimal gas-air mixture and complete combustion
●Condensing environmental protection technology: KangdanSen's nitrogen oxide emission evaluation grade is far superior to the EU's 5-star environmental protection standard
●15-100% infinitely variable frequency adjustment
●The temperature difference between flue gas and boiler return water is 3-5°C for high efficiency and energy saving
●High efficiency even under high power conditions, with thermal efficiency of up to 108.9% at 50/30°C and 97% at 80/60°C
●KangdanSen boilers can be matched with building automation systems, and can simultaneously control the temperature of various zones, domestic hot water temperature, swimming pool temperature, solar energy systems, etc.
●KangdanSen furnace can control up to 16 boilers (1 main boiler and 15 subsidiary boilers)
●Compact design: small size and footprint (1 ton boiler occupies only 1.6 square meters)

Innovative silicon-aluminum alloy casting technology makes the boiler have better thermal conductivity and efficiency up to 108.9%.
●The anti-oxidation coating on the furnace body effectively enhances corrosion resistance, prolongs the service life, and can last up to 40 years.
●The rib-column heat-conducting cone-shaped (bead-shaped) condensation structure is designed and developed using cutting-edge heat transfer technology, which increases the heat transfer area, effectively lowers the flue gas temperature, and improves the heat transfer efficiency and condensation efficiency of water vapor in flue gas without increasing resistance, maximizing the heat transferred to the boiler water.


2、Outstanding safety system


●Overpressure protection system: When the water pressure exceeds 6 kg, the boiler automatically stops running.
●Automatic exhaust valve: Exhaust the air produced by water circulation in the boiler to ensure normal operation of the system and prevent corrosion.
●Ion probe: Check whether the burner is burning. If there is no flame, the air intake is automatically closed to ensure system safety.
●Low water pressure safety protection: Constantly check the boiler water pressure. If the pressure is lower than 0.8 kg, the boiler will automatically shut down.
●Temperature safety protection: If the boiler water temperature exceeds 95℃, it will automatically shut down.
●Secondary overheating protection: If the boiler water temperature exceeds 105℃, it will automatically shut down.
●Flue gas temperature safety protection: The flue gas sensor detects the flue gas temperature. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the system will stop running.
●Antifreeze protection: When the boiler water temperature is low to 4℃, the boiler will automatically heat up to 15℃ to avoid frostbite. (The boiler power must be on)
●Water pump protection: If the boiler is not used for a long time, the water pump will operate regularly and periodically.
●Legionella protection: If the water in the domestic hot water storage tank is not used for a long time and is below 60℃, Legionella will be generated. The boiler will run automatically at regular intervals to raise the water temperature to 65℃ to avoid the growth of Legionella bacteria.
●High and low voltage protection: The boiler will not be damaged due to voltage fluctuations.
●Domestic hot water antifreeze protection: Choose O-mode, the boiler water temperature will be fixed at 10℃ to avoid frostbite (power must be on).

3Example diagram of parallel installation of heating and domestic hot water storage tanks



4Dimensions of the Kangdan Sen high-efficiency fully premixed condensing boiler



5Technical parameters of the Kangdan Sen fully premixed condensing boiler



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