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Weimingboni electric boiler EP26E EP42E series

电锅炉EP26E EP42E系列-威美博尼

EP E 26-42 KW
The EP E 26-42 KW is a small, high-efficiency electric boiler suitable for radiator heating, auxiliary heating or industrial production.
The EP E series has output powers of 26KW and 42KW, and its main features are compact structure and high reliability. The EP E series is used for heating water medium systems, as a supplement to heat pumps or various industrial productions.
The maximum power can be set to:
• For example, EP 26 E can be set to 22.5KW, 18.75KW, or 15KW.
• For example, EP 42 E can be set to 36KW, 30KW, or 24KW.
Stainless steel immersion heater
The immersion heater is made of stainless steel and comes with a standard brass head. The pressure vessel is made of thin steel sheets and can withstand a working pressure of up to 4 bar.
The connection for the flow/safety valve, reflux pipe, and discharge valve is located at the back of the boiler for the immersion heater.
The compact design.
78cm in height, 28cm in width, 63cm in depth.
 Despite this, there is still enough space under the boiler cover for electrical connections and placement of electronic equipment.
Grade Power
The output of the boiler is divided into 7 levels, which are connected step by step when the temperature is insufficient. The temperature of the boiler can be set between 20 and 95℃.
Load Protection
Load protection includes load protection devices and current transformers (35-125 A) for measurement in the power supply.
The UTK E outdoor temperature compensator can be used as an accessory to control water flow and temperature based on outdoor temperature. This can provide simpler operation, pump maintenance and anti-freezing features.
External control (such as heat pumps)
External control (such as heat pumps) can be controlled or limited by voltage or current signals. It can also receive output signals of 0-10V voltage level. The VP controller of EP can be used to control the signal with additional heating output from the heat pump (accessory).
Wall bracket
The boiler can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall with a bracket (accessory).
电锅炉EP26E EP42E系列-威美博尼
电锅炉EP26E EP42E系列-威美博尼
电锅炉EP26E EP42E系列-威美博尼
电锅炉EP26E EP42E系列-威美博尼



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