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Kangdansen wall-mounted condensing boiler

The Siemens controller can control up to 16 boilers (one main boiler and 15 auxiliary boilers).
Module combination can reduce costs (auxiliary boilers can run without interface screens).
The module system runs in sequence to ensure that each boiler runs for an equal amount of time.
Installation, use, and maintenance are simple and easy.
Flexible application, space-saving.
Premixed combustion technology makes the thermal efficiency as high as 108.4%.
Low nitrogen oxide emissions, in compliance with the 2009/142 EEC standard.
Navigation button technology and liquid crystal display function.
Built-in high-power circulating pump.
Three different area controls in the main boiler (e.g., solar system, swimming pool, etc.).
Anti-freezing protection.
Holiday and environmental protection mode selection.
Chimney cleaning function.
Can adjust time, date, and season (comfort type).
Equipped with an OZW672 network server that allows remote access and control.


1Kangdenson Condensing Boiler Technology

Kangdenson condensing boilers utilize a unique heat exchanger to condense flue gas and transfer the majority of its latent heat to the heating system, thereby achieving additional efficiency. Heat recovery results in thermal efficiency of up to 108.4% and reduced fuel consumption. Lower flue gas temperatures lead to decreased emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Kangdenson condensing boilers provide an environmentally friendly solution.
The Kondensson series wall-mounted condensing boilers are equipped with high-efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers. By using this high-quality material, it not only ensures that you have a very reliable boiler, but also helps to reduce your service and maintenance costs. Another feature of the Kondensson condensing boiler is the 1:4 special modular burner, which achieves efficient and silent operation, ensuring that the boiler operates efficiently and saves fuel consumption.

2The safety system of the Condensing Wall-Hung Boiler from KangdanSen includes
1.Safety valve (6BAR): a protection system to prevent the boiler from overpressure.
2.Automatic air vent valve and exhaust valve: removes air from the boiler.
3.Flue gas temperature sensor: controls the flue gas temperature to prevent overheating. If the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Celsius, the system will stop running.
4.Antifreeze protection: automatically starts according to the value of the antifreeze sensor on the boiler.
5.Anti-stagnant water: if the boiler is not used for a long time, the water pump will pulse for 5 seconds every 24 hours to prevent blockage caused by oxygen corrosion.
6.Flame detection electrode: constantly monitors the burner's flame. If there is no flame, the air inlet will be closed to protect the system.
7.Pressure sensor: constantly monitors the boiler pressure. If low water pressure occurs, the system will stop running.
8.Boiler overtemperature protection system: if the boiler temperature exceeds 95 degrees Celsius, the burner will stop running.
9.Secondary temperature protector of the boiler: if the water flow temperature exceeds 105 degrees, the system will stop running.
10.Backflow protection: if the temperature difference between the demand temperature and the regulation temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the circulation system will restart and the burner will stop running.
11.Legionella protection device: in a system with a domestic hot water tank, this device prevents the growth of Legionella when the water temperature reaches 65 degrees.
12.Boiler antifreeze protection: the automatic antifreeze device is always in operation to prevent frost (the boiler must be in standby mode).
13.Domestic hot water sensor: if the temperature of the domestic hot water exceeds 55 degrees, the sensor will prevent the boiler from running (a domestic hot water tank must be installed).

3The control panel of the Kedleston condensing boiler

Considering the maximum heating requirements during cold weather, the maximum power of boilers installed in buildings depends on the maximum heat load. However, heating demand is highest only during a limited period of winter, resulting in excessive installation power for normal heating demand, which leads to poor average performance of the boiler over seasons. If used to provide domestic hot water, the performance will be even worse. The best way to improve performance is to use a modular combination heat source to provide heat according to system requirements.
The Kandensen modular boiler system combines the advantages of premixed, condensing, and combustion modes, and can strictly achieve on-demand heating at any time, significantly improving the average efficiency of the boiler and reducing pollutant emissions to the lowest level. The Kandensen modular boiler system is designed and developed according to user special requirements, easy to install and maintain. Our system consists of module controllers, expansion tanks, circulating pumps, heat exchangers, control valves, and other components to meet any heat demand. You can also contact our sales department at any time to choose components that suit your needs.

4、Specifications and connectors for the Kedleston condensing boiler

5Flue installation types for the Kedleston condensing boiler


6Technical specifications for the Kedleston condensing boiler


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